coroplast yard signs chicagoCoroplast & Yard Signs Printing:

COROPLAST is one of the more versatile products we carry when it comes to Signs. This tough and waterproof plastic can be used for Yard Signs, Political Signs, Real Estate Parking Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Spinning Signs, Indoor/Outdoor Signs, & many More. Coroplasts plastic is 100% recyclable. We encourage the recycling of Coroplast sheets. This plastic is tougher than corrugated fiberboard but lighter then extruded plastic. Did we mention that Coroplast is waterproof and stain resistant? White and yellow Coroplasts are our most popular, although we can special order any color you prefer.

VINYL LETTERING OR DECALS: One of our most popular requests from customers is adding vinyl lettering or decals directly onto the Coroplast. Depending on the complexity of the artwork, this can save you money, however this application is not recommended for detailed artwork requirements. Vinyl lasts and has a unique look that some people prefer. There is no printing needed for this method. Here at Chicago Signs & Printing we have multiple Vinyl Cutters/Vinyl Plotters and can cut out vinyl as wide as 64 inches for Indoor/Outdoor use. They can be single or double sided. Sizes up to 8' x 4'.

COLOR PRINTING ON COROPLAST: This is the most common Coroplast Application we offer. When we print the Coroplast there are no limits on colors and the art can be as complex and detailed as you want. This is completed by printing your graphics directly onto our white or clear Calendar Vinyl, sometimes referred to as Pressure Sensitive Vinyl (Basically a big sticker) and applying the graphics by hand or mounting. This is approved for both outdoor and indoor use. Printing in full color lasts about 3-5 years depending on conditions. Another way to preserve these prints is to go through a process called Cold Laminating (for additional cost). For indoor/outdoor use. SCREEN PRINTED COROPLAST: Is the artwork relatively simple with only a few colors? Then screen printed Coroplast signs may be the best way to go for your sign needs. Screen printing on Coroplast is common but very few Print Shops in Chicago have the means to do so. For Screen Printing, we first create a screen for each color on the sign. This setup carries a setup charge per individual color, so per color pricing decreases with more complex color schemes. This is both outdoor/indoor rated.

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