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Chicago Billboard Printing

Billboards are a great way to advertise your business and send a message to the public. What we like to refer to as GO BIG OR GO HOME advertising! Billboards are often displayed along the sides of highways & or on busy streets. These banners play a very important role in giving the general public messages in masses. Here at Chicago Signs & Printing we can help you design the perfect Billboard for all your needs, Let us help you promote your business with confidence.

Standard Billboard Sizing:

12’ x 24’  9’4” x 32’ 10' x 30'
10’ x 40’ 10’6” x 36’ 12’ x 40’
20’ x 60’ 14’ x 48’ 12’ x 48’

Standard Billboard Printing Materials:

  • -  Leightweight Vinyl Banner Blackback - 8 oz.
  • -  BIOflex front-lit Biodegradable Banner - 15 oz.
  • -  Normandy® Pro FL & Normandy® Eclipse® FL - 13 oz.
  • -  Flexcon FLEXmark Pressure-Sensitive Billboard Vinyl - 4 mil.
  • Billboard Facts:

  • Billboards can be printed using latex, solvent or UV inks, Some materials work better with certain printing ink systems. Our Vinyl, Flex, & Normandy Billboard products are durable & weather resistant substrates that provide vibrant colors and great print quality. These products are resistant to Mold, Mildew, UV Radiation, & they are even flame resistant to withstand a vast range of temperature climates.
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