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Chicago Banner Printing offers a multitude of durable and eye popping banners that will captivate your audience. We have a versatile range of banner material to suit any size requirement in any space, indoors or out. We have the ability to print small banners, and up to billboard size as well. If you're looking to advertise a sale, promote a product/service, showcase a special event or gathering, or add flair to a party, our high quality banners leave our competition far behind.

What Types of Banner Printing do we do?

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What are the differences in the weights of banner materials?

When you read 13oz, or 18oz, do you know what that means? This is the weight of one square yard of material. Therefore, 13 ounce banner material weighs 13 ounces per square yard, same for 18 ounce, 9 ounce and so on. Let us know if you have a weight restriction for your project so that we can recommend the best banner material for your project!

What finishing options do we have for banners, Chicago?

  • Full color banners, black and white, gloss or matte always come with hemmed edges and metal grommets at no additional cost!
  • Pole Pocket Finishing, so you can hang your banner with a pipe or pole. Ask for 2", 3", or 4" pole pockets.
  • Velcro Added to the back. When you need to stick the banner up using hook and loop, we can easily add it to your banner.
  • Reinforce the edges of your banner by requesting webbing! Webbing is an extra material added into the edges of your banner for added durability.
  • Wind Slits - so that you can allow for wind to pass through your regular, non-mesh banner. Good for the windy city!
  • We produce ANY type of banner, ANY size, ANY Quantity, ANY Material, & ANY Finish!

Why order your banners from Chicago Banner?

  • We are ready to serve and provide you with a seamless experience with your banner order.
  • Absolutely stunning color range and superior print quality!
  • Delivery to your home, office, event or hotel! (pickup not available)
  • Next Day Service available if ordered by 12PM! 48 hour service available when requested.
  • Reliable turnaround time for all banner print orders.
  • Knowledgeable staff, with understanding of technical file setup and design

Why are quality banners are great for your business?

  • Draw customer attention: Liven your trade show or corporate event with an effective banner display. Your customers notice your brand and you gain better brand visibility.
  • Convert browsers to sales: Use compelling messages like “Sale!!” or “New stocks” on your banners and watch your sales soar.
  • Generate brand awareness and improve your brand identity: Let your logo become commonplace, splash it on strategically placed banners to promote your brand.
  • Attract passers-by: Tap into the impulsive buying market. Thousands pass by your store every day, attract their attention with catchy store front banners or shop display banners. Well placed and designed banners can coax the most reluctant shopper to engage with your brand.
  • Banners are an effective way to promote your brand and generate additional traffic and sales!

Call us today at (312) 298-9196. Our shop looks forward to assisting you with your marketing goals!

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